Winning Tips and Strategies for Job Seekers

Winning Tips and Strategies for Job Seekers

Winning Tips and Strategies for Job Seekers in #ProjectHelpYouGrow's Blog. Learn how to prepare for interviews, write resumes, increase your social media presence, deal with your stress and more.

Recruiters and Coaches: Getting the Help You Need! - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

The job seeking world is metamorphosing right now and many job seekers are struggling to adapt to our new reality.  In many respects finding a job now, is more complicated and challenging than any time since the Great Depression.  From strategy to etiquette what used to work and be acceptable, even as little as one […]

Winning Social Media Strategy for Job Seekers - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Are you looking for a job?  Even in a good global economy, many are still searching for a new career opportunity.  I meet people everyday on-line who ask for help in finding a job.  The key to finding a job is not just in what you know, but also in who you know.  Relationships have […]

Work is Different Now. Are You Ready? - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

I’ve seen the future of work. Many people are in denial about it. Most aren’t prepared to position themselves for career survival. Over the past few years I’ve been involved in laying people off. Thousands of them. Outplacement and career transition consultants like me are sometimes thought of as the Grim Reapers of the job […]

7 Surprising Gifts of the Job Hunt: Overcoming your Greatest Doubts and Fears - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

I was “invited to leave” the company. At least, that’s how it felt. Sitting at my desk, I got an email from my department leader, asking to meet in an unfamiliar conference room at the end of the day. Cue the ominous music. But, still, I wasn’t quite sure. Maybe it wasn’t that my job, […]

3 Step Guide on Landing a Foreign Job in 2019 - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Landing a job in a good economy has always been difficult. With changes in the job search paradigm, finding a job today is even more difficult than ever before. Getting hired abroad today, is about as challenging a task as you'll find; but take heart, it's not impossible.

Change Your Thinking and Land The Job - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

The Dehumanization of the Application Process Are you stuck in a seamlessly never ending process of submitting applications for employment with no response?  The modern job search has changed!  Today the process includes automated screening with artificial intelligence. Most applications are not seen by a recruiter or HR professional.  The ATS and AI systems screen […]

Stand Out in the Crowd With Video - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Have you ever applied for a job you that you felt you were a perfect fit for, and then been ghosted with no invitation to interview?  You are left scratching your head because you thought surely with the job description, and your back ground, you would have made a perfect fit.  So what’s the issue?  […]

8 Tips To A Better Resume This Holiday Season - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Hey everyone and happy holidays! I LOVE this time of the year – one, because I get to cozy up with fuzzy socks and some hot tea and two, because I get to tell job seekers the truth about job searching over the holiday season 😉 Don’t Slack Off Whether it is because they think […]

The Modern Job Seeker Battlefield Requires A Different Strategy - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

The modern day job search is not what it used to be.  If you’re on the job market today, odds are you’re going to be looking longer and have more competition that in any previous search.  What is different?  There are many things that have changed and continue to change thanks to advances in artificial […]

Exposing the Dark Side of Prolonged Unemployment and How to Escape the Madness - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Your identity and mine are intertwined to our chosen profession.  When telling my story, inevitably the words print and salesman come up.  There is more to me and to you, than what we do.  But I am in part what I do for a living and so are you. So what happens when we are […]

The Best 3 Ways For LinkedIn Profiles That POP! - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Do you want to know the top 3 tips to make your LinkedIn profile POP? Start with attention spans. They’re short! Thus, I’m not going to bore you with a ton of info or dialog. Where am I getting them from? Working with LinkedIn, my own trial and error, and a dash of common sense. […]

Job Seekers: Help Me Help You - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

My Heart Feels You My name is Ira Bowman, the founder of #ProjectHelpYouGrow. I help connect those looking for jobs, to those who have job openings and I love helping! Even though I work very hard at it, I don’t charge for any of the services I provide job seekers. There are millions of people […]

1-2-3 Guide to a Winning Profile Photo - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

1-2-3 Guide to a Winning Profile Photo   What does your profile photo say about you and why does it matter?  If you are looking for a job, the profile photo you display to the world is paramount.  The photo is the first thing a recruiter or potential employer will see.  If they don’t like […]

Actionable Tips on Crafting an Eye-Catching CV - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Actionable Tips on Crafting an Eye-Catching CV   In this era of ever-increasing competition in the labour market, what would be the most effective ways to stand out among other job applicants? It all starts with your ability to present yourself, by that letting your true professional value be noticed by recruiters, hiring managers, and […]

Tips for your Job Search - ProjectHelpYouGrow

Are you fighting the good fight, trying to land a new job? Immediately I want to help you out by providing 3 Tips to Winning Your Job Search. #ProjectHelpYouGrow was created to help business professionals with a variety of tasks, including finding a job.

Why is an Informational Interview Important? - #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Today’s networking scene isn’t what you’d expect or want it to be.  The average lifespan of an active job is two weeks, if that.  So then why is it that employers, except recruiters, and seasoned professionals want you to build long-term repertoire?  The real question is why is it so hard to build repertoire with […]

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