Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira

Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira

Join me for my LinkedIn Live series dedicated to all things print. From the science of ink and equipment to the art of the materials and designs. I am your tour guide to all things print related.

Vehicle Graphics on Beyond The Page - PrintEd with Ira

Do you want to wrap your company vehicle? From Magnets and Cut Vinyl to Vehicle Wraps you have options on ways to brand and decorate your car. Today's show is dedicated to these options, explaining what they are, how they work, an idea of cost and some pointers on how to accomplish your goals. Welcome to Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira, the weekly LinkedIn Live dedicated to educating people on the wide world of print.

Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira COVID-19

Is this thing on? Today on Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira we deep dive into the effects COVID-19 has had on the print industry, at least from my vantage point. Want to jump in and ask a question? Want to learn more about what is happening? The print business like most is looking different today than it did just last week. Let's discuss it and perhaps have a little fun in the process.

Premier Episode

Join me for the premier episode as I explore printing terms, screen printing and deep dive into the offset press world.

Creative Options to Help with Sales Materials, Packaging, Wall Decor and Event Graphics. Show Aired 2/25/20

There are many variable options to help you mix things up and create a fresh look with all your print projects. Items that can be changed include: Ink, Foil, Varnish, Laminate, Finishing Options like cutting, lighting, adhesive, magnetics and more.

Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira Plotters

What is a plotter? Join the show and find out. I'll be talking about the three main categories, Low Volume, High Volume and Graphics. I am a certified print nerd and this is one of my favorite topics. I look forward to giving you a tour down the technical side of the large format print industry.

Magnetic Wall Coverings

Magnetic Wall Coverings are a great interactive and self installable option decorating your walls and incorporating in your #Branding and #Marketing campaings. Want to learn more about it? Join me in this latest episode of Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira, a weekly show dedicated to all things print related as I try my best to educate and entertain on all how it all fits together. Have a print related question? Join me in the comments as I take questions live on the show.

Let's Talk HealthCare and Imaging Enviornmental Spaces Show Aired 2-18-20

Are you in the Healthcare business? If so, much of the print in your world goes beyond the page. Come take a vertical market tour of the Healthcare space through the lense of a self proclaimed print nerd (that's me!) as we look at how the print world directly ties into the healthcare. Not in the Healthcare industry? No Problem! If you ever wondered how we pick what machine, and what material to use to cover survaces for enviornmental graphics, and/or you want to see a cool product walk through of substrates commonly used, you're in the right place.

Ira Bowman on LinkedIn: Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira on 2/11

Catch the latest episode of Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira here as we explore CMYK vs. RGB, Franchise Printing, Equipment ink options and file set...

Beyond the Page - PrintEd with Ira Schools and Universities

Everywhere you look on campus it seems there is something printed. Walls, windows, floors, hallways, parking lots, gyms, parking garages, cafateria, student unions and more. On this episode, I'm going to focus on all things print for education and schools.